Chora Sfakion, Sfakia, South Crete, Greece - welcome to Delfini!


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Welcome to Delfini- Taverna, Cafetteria and Snack Bar at Chora Sfakion

Facing the Lybian sea at few meters and enjoying our Menu based on ultimate selection of homemade and local ingridients.

At Delfini Taverna and Chora Sfakion we pride ourselves on the basic provenance. Growing our own vegetable, sheep and goat herding, olive oil pressing, yoghurt and cheese production or fishing are our lifestyle. Authenticity, full assurance and rigorous attention to sourcing the finest quality local ingredients. Our dedication ensures that you absorb the true essence of Cretan life, our food, our wine and our culture. Delfini cuisine is authentically cooked and prepared "on site" in the morning hours or instantly by the order. You're welcome to "pass by" for a coffee, mountain tea (herbal infusion) or Sfakian pie. If you're about lunch or supper try some selection of small and superb Sfakian entries before fresh fish of your choice or exellent lamb chops. If you're interested to stay over night we are here to help you and emmidiately find a propper room or apartment at Hora Sfakion. more...

Delfini Taverna, Cafetteria, Snack Bar.Gavdos and Gavdopoula Island.Arrival to Chora Sfakion by ferryboat, from Aghia Roumeli.Old weapon next to Delfini.SeagullSunsetThree stones

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